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January 1

Sugar the pill: Got a source for candied or honey-roasted brazil nuts?

I've been eating two Brazil nuts per day to get a specific health benefit (because selenium supplements taste awful). I started off with these chili-lime ones, and they taste great, but the powder is messy (one more time I have to wash my hands) and I don't think my digestion loves chili powder first thing every morning. For some reason, I'm having trouble finding sweet flavored alternatives. Can you recommend a good source of candied or honey-roasted Brazil nuts?
posted by limeonaire at 8:01 AM - 4 answers

December 31, 2020

vegetable roasting question

Novice cook here: roasted brussels sprouts are not turning out how I want - can you help me with adjustments? [more inside]
posted by dragonfruit at 10:52 PM - 19 answers

Best red wine for beef stew?

I'll be making this beef and bacon stew later today. What would be the best red wine to use? The recipe calls for most of a bottle, and I don't know much about wine.
posted by cozenedindigo at 4:29 AM - 13 answers

December 30, 2020

ISO Stylish / Function Coffee Travel Mug

I am looking for a coffee travel mug. Details inside [more inside]
posted by Alvin80 at 9:05 AM - 14 answers

Does foccacia dough need to rise?

I use Samin Nosrat's recipe for Ligurian foccacia bread, and there is conflicting information. [more inside]
posted by archimago at 4:10 AM - 7 answers

December 29, 2020

to be eaten with peking ravioli, naturally

How do you make duck sauce specifically à la Chinese-American restaurants in New England? This is a variant of duck sauce ubiquitous in the Boston area but that as far as I know hardly exists elsewhere. It has the texture of a watery slurry and tastes fresh and bright. It is not viscous or syrupy. No grocery-store duck sauce that I've tried before is of this variant. I have a vague memory of being told that it is a mixture of applesauce and soy sauce, and while I don't detect soy at all, the applesauce rings true-- heck, if you told me it's just pure thinned-out applesauce that actually sounds pretty believable. Only looking for responses from people who know, or have a source that knows, about this specific type of duck sauce.
posted by dusty potato at 4:38 PM - 6 answers

How do I de-salt a Honey Baked Ham bean soup?

I have the bone from a Honey Baked Ham and want to make the soup using their packet of beans. From experience I know it will be too salty. Is there a way of reducing the saltiness without destroying the flavor? I've thought of soaking the ham bone overnight in a pan of water but I don't really know. What are your ideas?
posted by Rad_Boy at 10:56 AM - 10 answers

Recipes for Coñata pan?

I got a ridiculous and wonderful Chicago Coñata Pan for Christmas:
Can anyone suggest what types of dough will settle nicely into these crevices, but not puff up so much that they turn out wrong? Brownies, cookies, cornbread, white bread....??? Any recipes gratefully accepted -- I want to get started with this goofy thing ASAP. [more inside]
posted by wenestvedt at 10:30 AM - 7 answers

December 27, 2020

Best vegan gluten free Mac n cheese?

I have never found a good vegan Mac n cheese - it doesn’t help that I can’t have gluten. Please point me in the right direction or share your favorite recipes?
posted by jitterbug perfume at 9:15 PM - 9 answers

hollandaise for days

I have a lot of hollandaise sauce packets. Help me find recipes to use them? [more inside]
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Eastern vegetables for Western cooking?

We live in Asia, and cook non-Asian food maybe twice a week, stuff like pasta, roast chicken and so on. So far I usually pair these meals with a salad, or something like roasted brussels sprouts or broccoli, but I'd really rather use less produce that is often air flown from Australia or farther; in contrast, we can easily get locally grown Asian (mostly Chinese) greens, like bok choy, chye sim, napa cabbage, etc. What are some good European/American dishes I could cook using such Asian vegetables? [more inside]
posted by destrius at 6:32 PM - 18 answers

December 25, 2020

Bland cornish hens from slow cooker

Today, I made made this recipe for cornish hens in the slow cooker. But they turned out very bland. [more inside]
posted by NotLost at 8:04 PM - 21 answers

How to deal with fallout from sobriety?

I was a heavy drinker. I noticed this and scaled back significantly. I then moved back with my parents due to Covid job issues and stopped drinking entirely since around June. Drinking has never impacted my career or my life in my opinion but my friends (who don't live in town or see me) insisted I get help. I went to a psychiatrist who specializes in addiction, who did not believe I needed rehab or further addiction therapy. My friends insist I do, do not believe I'm sober and that I lied to the psychiatrist. They've also convinced my family, though that has been largely repaired. Everyone has cut off contact with me completely. Any advice? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 9:37 AM - 43 answers

How long can rice noodles stay in soup?

I’m making a soup that calls for rice noodles, and says to add the noodles X minutes before serving. I’m not going to be able to do this. I’d love to be able to just dump them into the soup to cook and then keep the whole soup simmering on low until we can eat about an hour later. Sub-optimal but okay idea or terrible idea? [more inside]
posted by Mchelly at 8:59 AM - 12 answers

December 24, 2020

Is it okay to use a propane grill in low temperatures?

I'm thinking of grilling some of Christmas dinner. Unfortunately, it will be about 20 degrees F outside when I do (no snow, at least). My grill uses propane from a tank. The tank is already connected, and I know it's safe to keep outside for much colder temperatures than 20 degrees. But is it safe to actually use the grill in tomorrow's weather?
posted by Mechitar at 4:54 PM - 17 answers

What's the popular food delivery app for Brisbane Australia?

I want to send a gift card for a take out or delivery meal to a friend, but I'm not sure if grubhub, ubereats, or doordash are commonly used there or if there's something Australian that's more common. She rarely eats out, so I doubt she has one she uses already, but she's used uber a lot generally.
posted by Gravel at 2:30 PM - 3 answers

Why does my pasta stick to the bottom of the pot?

Why does my (constantly stirred, 1 lb boiled in an 8qt pot) pasta still stick to the bottom of the pot? [more inside]
posted by serelliya at 12:42 AM - 42 answers

December 23, 2020

Decent introduction or waste of time?

The Instapot people are flogging a Sous Vide immersion heater and it is currently available locally for C$90. I've been contemplating the tech for awhile and this is a price I can swing. Will this unit provide a decent introduction to Sous Vide cooking or should I pass? [more inside]
posted by Mitheral at 4:33 PM - 8 answers

December 22, 2020

Why did the crumbled peppermint candy on our peppermint bark...melt?

Madame Naberius and I made peppermint bark this year. All seemed to go well. Until it got weird. The peppermint candy sprinkled on top turned into a reddish slurry in the refrigerator. What's a reason - other than high temperature because this stuff was cold - why peppermint candy would just liquefy like that? [more inside]
posted by Naberius at 8:18 AM - 6 answers

December 21, 2020

Calibrate my expectations re: Lard

Okay I made lard for the first time. The fat came packaged as “pork fat” with my half hog purchase. Some was definitely back fat and some seemed like possibly kidney fat. I rendered it at 225 and the lard is snowy white so it should be pretty far toward “mild” on the flavor spectrum but it seems very porky to me and I can’t imagine using it in any kind of sweet pastry and even savory seems maybe a little dubious. But I am naive in the ways of lard. What should I be expecting here?
posted by HotToddy at 11:24 AM - 26 answers

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